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Fogon Ultramarinos
by Alberto and Vanina Herraiz

In celebration of the Olympic Games Chef Alberto famous for his Paella and Fogon (meaning The House ), are situated a short step away from the Seine and its events.

Fogon is an all year round Delicatessen Catering service and will for the first time become an -Evening Dine-in – where you may enjoy a delicious meal for two people or more.

Alberto Herraiz assisted by his wife Vanina has for more than 27 years acquired the reputation and title of – Gastronomic Master of Paella in Paris.

The original proposal of the Olympic Games gives pride to the variations of vegetarian appetizers and which includes the famous Gaspacho d’Alberto, followed by the main course
– Paella, which is available with red mullet and seasonal vegetables or in a more classic version called Valencienne.

Lastly for dessert, our Chef has prepared an array of midsummer fruits, figs and nectarines to create many delicate and exquisite sweet dishes.

Take joy in this exclusive evening offer only with a reservation, starting from the 23rd of July to the 11 th  of August 2024.


A course meal at 95€ per person, not including beverages.
Please note booking is at a minimum of 2.


Du 23/07/2024 Au 11/08/2024 - De 18H30 à 22H30
From 23/07/2024 To 11/08/2024 - From 18h30 To 22H30